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NiTech Research & Education

NiTech Research & Education was originally established as a result of the significant involvement in the Cooperative Research Centre for Welded Structures in Australia. It continues to conduct both industrially focused applied research and more fundamental studies in automation methodologies.

International recognition has been received for research in the areas of robotics and vision systems. This is supported by the Education and Training (E&T) delivery systems program.

Ongoing research is in the areas of: adaptive programming of industrial robotics; building ozone detecting sensors; and developing Virtual Reality Training Systems. The group has access to state-of-the-art computational systems and virtualisation environments to support its research and E&T delivery.

The group's E&T delivery systems are expected to launch early 2014. The Virtual Reality Training System has been developed and trialled in Tertiary Education facilities for welding technique familiarisation. Adoption of this as an education tool across Australia is being planned.

The group is targeting and building strong relationships with research and technology entities including the Defence Materials Technology Centre, the University of Wollongong, and other Cooperative Research Centres including the Energy Pipelines CRC.

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